Our digital asset management system AMDAM, is central to all of our imaging systems. It is a core link between artwork upload, image storage, artwork creation, proofing and print production.

This state of the art digital asset management and pre-press system allows our clients to automate repetitive tasks making them far quicker and more accurate.

Artwork can be uploaded, flight checked, converted to a PDF and sent for online client approval automatically. For the artworker it’s a simple as dropping the artwork file onto a desktop icon.

The digital asset management system has 30TB of online storage and 60TB nearline offering our clients the opportunity to create one central repository for all images and historical artworks. These can be searched for via folders or individual tags and downloaded anywhere to authorized users.

Populate allows us to generate automated artwork for multiple versions of common elements and when combined with our photographics studios is a really powerfull resource for creating hundreds of artworks in a few hours. Currently we generate over 30,000 artworks per annum this way.

On-Proof allows our clients to give online, collaborative approval for any image. The system uses the actual artwork rather than a render giving much higher quality. The proof can be annotated with corrections or approved and then send to colleagues for their comments and approvals. This makes approval quick and provides a clear record of versions and iterations of artwork.

Finally approved artworks are imposed and repurposed for our printing presses. Our pre-press workflow allows us to automate this and deliver highly accurate and colour profiled files to our computer to plate, computer to screen or digital printing machines.

Combining so many highly powerful and automated imaging systems we are able to save our clients significant time whilst maintain our exacting ISO:12647 colour standards.