We aim to deliver all Point of Sale (POS), Point of Purchase (POP) and associated marketing materials at the right time and place, in good condition and with clear instructions for its use.

Our 75,000 sq feet collation facility is operational 24/7 and utilises both automated and manual packing lines to collate bespoke, store specific POS/POP packs. Our flexible and experienced collation team can be easily adapted to manage all types and size of campaign.

All our packs are kept to less than 15kg and are packed ensuring there are no sharp edges or protruding staples. Additionally, we can collate the contents into a bespoke sequence to fit a planogram or sequence of products in-store.

We have delivered 4,717,000 POS kits over 8,323 campaigns in 12 months and 90,711 kits and 160 bespoke campaigns.

Each and every collation is checked for accuracy and quality, ensuring that the packaging will protect the contents of each pack. We construct, brand and label your POS/POP packs so that they and their contents are both obvious to staff before they are opened and arrive in perfect condition.

We have introduced a client audited element to our collation and packing and are proud that our pack accuracy exceeds 99.8%.


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