We are constantly developing new products and processes to improve the Point of Sale (POS) and Point of Purchase (POP) we produce. Our range of innovative products and services offers you a competitive advantage, helping to reduce the cost of production, improve time to market, increase impact and simplify installation in-store.

Hanging signThe Hang-Rite hanging board system allows thin, flexible paper and card to be displayed as rigid, flat hanging boards. By using thinner materials rather than foamboard or corrugated boards, we can offer a number of benefits including: faster printing, reduced transportation, easier installation and a large reduction in cost.

Hang-Lite allows light board to be displayed as a rigid hanging board. Hang-Lite uses significantly less material than traditional hanging boards, displays beautifully and is much easier for staff to implement in-store.

The Eco-Lite range of substrates has been engineered to work specifically with the Hang-Rite and Hang-Lite hanging board systems. Each substrate is compatible with litho, screen and digital printing and produces bright, vibrant and high quality hanging boards that are recycled and recyclable.


Wire Cage resized

Our Magnetic Display System enables paper to bond to magnetic sheets installed onto walls or fixtures. Large displays can to be rolled and easily displayed in minutes.

The Digital Wallpaper  system offers retailers similar advantages but for larger walls or areas within your stores up to 5m high and 50m long. This system creates stunning backdrops for stores, is very durable and far more cost effective than tradition self-adhesive solutions.