gateway rotated final3Our experience in delivering and supplying hundreds and thousands of Point of Sale (POS) and Point of Purchase (POP) campaign packs to retailers each year has enabled us to develop an effective compliance improvement strategy that works.

To improve the accuracy of allocations and reduce wastage we use our Gateway software; this is a unique tool for creating specific POS and POP allocations based on audited store profiles. These are unique for each store, allowing fixed, variable and prioritised allocations to run concurrently within one campaign.

Giving retailers the opportunity to review their allocation profile allows in depth analysis of individual stores. Taking into account the format, unique feature fittings and departments of each individual store, we can then use this data to understand customer habits and the propensity for products selling at each store.

This system also means that we are always working from the latest data as it all comes from a central resource. This information means that the evaluation of each store is open to everyone involved in the process, from architects, regional managers, store operations and marketing teams.

By focusing on our clients' procedures, profiles and allocations, we are able to reduce waste and costs, as well as improve sales. Having the correct message in the right place and at the desired time, can increase POS/POP compliance in-store by up to 50%.