We develop and manufacture our very own exclusive Special Effect inks to add visual impact to Point of Sale (POS) and Point of Purchase (POP) materials that engage with the senses: sight, touch and smell.

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'Disruptive' inks have a significant benefit for advertisers by increasing the initial impact of the print, attracting then engaging more viewers. The inks are visually effective and use reflective light and luminescence to create 'twinkling', 'shimmering' and 'glowing' effects. The range also includes 'heat reactive' inks, allowing the print to alter according to changes in temperature.


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'Sensory' inks are designed to increase the viewer's interaction or dwell time with a piece of print by engaging the other senses such as touch and smell, encouraging the viewer to play with the ink. The list of our 'sensory' inks includes: 'high build' and 'fizz' varnishes which are raised above the surface of the print; 'rubberised' and 'stone' finishes which accurately reproduce the feel of these materials; 'scratch and sniff' inks that can be made using whatever scent is desired, if it's in a bottle we can reproduce it on paper; and 'wash off' inks that allow a moistened finger to remove the print ink from the paper revealing a new message or image.


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Applied as overall or selective finishes, our 'Luxury' inks increase the perceived value of a piece of print. We do this in two key ways; firstly, we use clear finishes over standard print to give a luxurious feel. Secondly, the inks are combined with the actual colour print to produce an opulent impression.

If you are looking for that little extra sparkle on your POS or POP, we have just the solution.

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