ad-here large


Ad-here is the new technology from Augustus Martin which will change the face of retail POS display forever. The patented technology can convert any wall or unit into a beautiful edgeless POS display.

Ad-here’s  unique system creates easily interchangeable POS, from the biggest display to the smallest shelf edge ticket, anywhere in store. Ad-here’s innovative contact technology allows your marketing to be shown to its full potential, without frames or display holders.

The new technology is completely re-usable making it easy to convert existing displays without any residue or mess. The simplicity of Ad-here makes it easy to re-arrange ads regardless of the size, thousands of times over. From one single installation of Ad-here, you can have multiple shapes and sizes quickly and cheaply installed in-store.

This revolutionary process delivers savings in materials, production, logistics and implementation in-store. Previous installation processes needed merchandising teams, time and cost to install. Even the largest Ad-here display can be implemented by store staff and repositioned to suit the campaign. Plus, they can be delivered in a rolled tube, rendering large solid bulky panels obsolete.  

Ad-here ensures that printed campaigns appear as though they are as flat as it was originally printed and completely removes the effect of glare that can arise from plastic holders. Ad-here can work with:

  • Shop windows
  • Till graphics
  • Gondola ends
  • Lifestyle racks
  • Store entrances

Group sales director Daniel Pattison says” Ad-here gives retailers the opportunity to install POS anywhere in-store without costly frames, creating high quality contemporary displays from simple paper.“

The opportunity to change displays at the click of your fingers will not only improve the implementation of in-store marketing, but will lower costs whilst improving efficiency. It can also work with any print process.

Daniel Pattison continues “Ad-here works from every perspective, it looks great, is easy to install and will deliver massive savings for our clients.” 

Ad-here only uses thin, low cost materials and can be made with 100% recycled content and is 100% recyclable.

For more Information contact Augustus Martin now: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0207 5374200