Understanding a retail estate and having robust data for the elements of POS, the fixtures on which they are installed in each store, is critical to accurate and effective allocations of POS. Store layouts and fixtures regularly change potentially leading to a reduced quality of data. In addition we often find clients are unaware of the ambient space within stores and where other marketing opportunities may lie. Our auditing company, Audit Fix & Display, specialise in auditing retail estates.


Audit Fix & Display

  • Established 5 years ago, AFD is fastbecoming one of Europe’s leading retail display and implementation companies. 
  • 140 retail display professionals across the UK. 
  • 59,000 site visits completed in year 1.
  • Industry leading technology – digital real time reporting, inclusive of hi-res images,          data analytics and store profile database / Live inventory control.
  • 6 regional depots.
  • 2000 completed site visits per week and counting.


Typical recent examples

  • 800 Tesco stores have specific brand funded POS installed each week and 100% compliance measured,  reported and proved photographically via Fuze.
  • 11 European nations with surveys, photos and videos.
  • Complete Kwik Fit estate audited with surveys and photos.
  • 198 Ann Summers stores audited with complete store, layout and display unit usage report.