We offer a full Point of Sale (POS) and Point of Purchase (POP) compliance audit service for stores and campaigns. Our researchers can measure the accuracy of each display in every store and generate a full POS/POP allocation report showing all relevant fixtures and fittings.

In order to make sure that your staff fully understand the assembly requirements of the POS/POP and we provide simple to understand construction sheets and merchandising guidelines to avoid any confusion or hassle with the set up in-store. This allows your in-store colleagues to fully engage with the aims of the POS/POP and instantly understand its benefit.

When auditing stores we consider:

  • Is the POS and POP being delivered correctly?
  • Are the instructions clear and does it take long to display?
  • How difficult is the POS/POP to unpack and display?
  • Are your staff sufficiently motivated in displaying POS/POP?

By asking these questions we can ensure a smooth transition not only from delivery to implementation but throughout the in-store life of the product.

Our Gateway tool is a safe and easy way to record and store data for future use and offers validation for Store Managers.

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