We provide thorough product engineering audits that encompass all elements of your marketing campaigns. We evaluate the materials and processes used to create your POS and POP, assessing mechanical suitability, process quality, cost effectiveness and its environmental impact, while constantly striving to reduce damage in transit and installation.

We review and challenge the use and structural integrity of all your current marketing material and offer practical solutions. We take into account structural integrity, length of use and overall life-cycle of all products as well as load and transit test items such as FSDUs and CDUs. We ensure that all items are engineered to your needs, whether it is implementing a new hanging board system to combat warping or creating reusable products to maximise the usability of units.

Assessing the materials currently being used allows us to advise you on making Product engineering final6environmentally conscious decisions on your POS and POP. We check to see whether all POS, POP and packaging is made from recycled material and is recyclable through normal waste streams.

Drawing from the wealth of experience we have acquired from working with retailers and brands in the UK and across Europe, we look to explore and create bespoke engineering just for you. Our full product engineering service provides FSDU's and CDU's, new material testing including looking at materials and ways in which you can display print in cost effective and efficient ways, including reducing your carbon footprint.