We can provide you with a dynamic overview of all Point of Sale (POS), Point of Purchase (POP) and any other in-store marketing within your specific retail marketplace or environment product brand or category. This can be provided to you as a one-off snapshot or a regular review. The analysis can include store visits, monitoring of trade and national press, the industry in general and Internet research.

We analyse a variety of factors including ensuring that you are fully aware of the potential opportunities, innovations or threats with the marketplace. By benchmarking in-store communications with competitors and the high street we can offer bespoke advice.

Through the POP European production network we can look at trends of similar retailers throughout Europe and see how they address the same issues and challenges and advise competitively.

We are always looking at new products to stay one step ahead of the market. This involves analysing industry and client needs and creating effective and affordable solutions to offer our clients as well as unrivalled access to these new innovations as soon as we launch them.


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