Augustus Martin, along with the Store Marketing & Operations team at Tesco Bank played an integral part in the campaign launch of Tesco Bank Current Account. For the first time, Tesco Bank customers could choose Tesco as a comprehensive alternative to the main high street banks.

Augustus Martin assisted in the development of the in-store presence from the creation of a new Hanging Board design to fulfilling new print ideas with Lenticular shrouds. Augustus Martin helped deliver a strong set of conceptual designs through a proposal stage which followed through to a store walk round where over 20 different elements were showcased to the leadership team.

The launch period was followed up with a store wide Campaign including additional Corporate space & promotional hot spots. New elements on show featured an intricately designed FSDU and cardboard engineered Promotional end with integrated LCD.

Mike Anderson from Tesco Bank commented “Creativity, Collaboration and a Job Well-Done Augustus!”

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