Marketers realise that it is vital to have eye catching POS positioned and displayed in a strategic way, ensuring shoppers are continuously brought face to face with a strong marketing message. Consumer fashions and trends are constantly changing and evolving and we think that POS needs to be as current. Many shops have large blank walls that could be used as a promotional area to deliver an overt message or used to deliver theatre and ambiance in-store. But how do you easily and cost effectively integrate these huge spaces into your marketing?

Digital Wallpaper is a display product that allows all or some walls in a store to be converted to a promotional space. It allows marketers to communicate their message or brand on a huge scale directly in front of the shopper.

Investing in Digital Wallpaper is an efficient way to ensure your stores continually have a fresh message or feel, because once the adhesive base has been applied to the walls the graphic can be removed and replaced very quickly. The wallpaper is designed to cover large surface areas such as walls, window backdrops and the length of fitting rooms. It fits easily around corners, curves and can be used to wrap around pillars, to really maximise the visible area. Not only does Digital Wallpaper look fantastic but also it is a practical and realistic option for your in-store team to maintain, as it is made from durable material and can be kept clean simply by using water.

Digital Wallpaper is particularly suitable for retail and fashion stores who have a particular look or style they want to promote, or a specific market they want to attract. It is also an effective material to use to update the whole look of a store, as it can be used to cover or enhance previously poor or dilapidated walls.

Warehouse digital wallpaper

It is an easy way of developing a theme in store and creating a fun and appealing shopping atmosphere, which can be refreshed and changed with the seasons or specific events within the retail year: Easter, Halloween or Christmas.

Digital Wallpaper is a particularly flexible product and can be applied directly to an existing wall in-store requiring very little preparation. The product is digitally printed and controlled by a store database and workflow that allows one image to be cropped, prepared and printed to a unique size for each store. The application does not have to include a complete wall and can be positioned in a focused high impact location, like behind the cash desk, and used as a huge in-store poster. By projecting vibrant images and photographic material, as well as being visually appealing, it effectively creates a brand story and culture that shoppers aspire to be part of.

We have worked with Warehouse to create some excellent displays that use Digital Wallpaper to clearly define the seasonal changes in their fashion lines. Warehouse has really optimised the effects of Digital Wallpaper as a way to use POS to refresh the whole look and feel of a store. It is a really effective way to create ambience and theatre, at the same time providing a relevant backdrop for seasonal products.

Through the addition of attractive Digital Wallpaper in their stores, Warehouse has managed to project a distinctive image for their brand. By covering the length of a wall with fashion shots, it encourages the shopper to buy the product because they can see how the items can be worn. The wallpaper directly helps sales by showcasing an image and associated lifestyle with the clothes.

Digital Wallpaper is an innovative method of marketing and its scale within the store makes it unmissable method of communication.  It is a cost effective and time efficient alternative to conventional wallpaper and offers an opportunity to establish a unique point of difference from other stores.

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