We look three months ahead to the most important dates for the 4th quarter. 



1st - Independence Day (Nigeria)

16th - World Food Day

24th-25th: Rugby World Cup semi-finals

25th – BST Ends (Clocks go back)

31st: Rugby World Cup final, Twickenham

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31st - Halloween



5th - Guy Fawkes Night

8th - Remembrance Sunday

11th- Start of Diwali

15th- End of Diwali

26th - Thanksgiving Day (US)

29th – Advent Sunday

30th - St Andrew's Day



6th – Start of Hanukkah

12th: Football - draw for Euro 2016

14th – End of Hanukkah

22nd - Winter Solstice

24th - Christmas Eve

25th - Christmas Day

26th - Boxing Day (St. Stephen's Day)

31st - New Year's Eve / Hogmanay (Scotland)


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