We understand that for many marketers making their product or offer stand out in store is a key factor in the success of a promotion. Whether it’s on a shelf edge in a supermarket, or in the window of a fashion store, attracting a shopper’s attention is critical. Disruptive technology offers the opportunity to increase the initial impact and overall effectiveness of each POS and the product being promoted.
disruptive ink


Disruptive Ink POS is all about getting an instantaneous reaction from your customer, making them want to look and pay attention to your display. The Disruptive Ink is visually arresting, emitting a ‘glowing’ or ‘twinkling’ effect which directly attracts the eye

Some people doubt that POS can really be effective due to the sheer amount of offers that shoppers have to wade through, making it all too easy for them to tune out. We know otherwise.

Augustus Martin believe that shoppers engage with in-store promotions in a subliminal way, where they have learnt to filter out irrelevant promotions, focusing their attention on the products they do want and using POS to weigh up any additional promotional value. Evidence would suggest that the use of Disruptive Ink would significantly increase the number of shoppers who engage with a single piece of POS and the product being promoted.

Tesco used our Disruptive Ink to reap excellent rewards for their ‘Finest’ range. The store wanted to differentiate its premium own-brand from other products through clear, eye-catching POS. The display had to enhance its functionality by seducing more customers into purchasing the luxury range on impulse. The innovative POS campaign was launched back in Christmas 2010 in time for one of the busiest periods of the year for in-store promotion. At the time, Tesco confirmed their year-on-year sales across UK stores had increased by 49% during December and early January, exceeding their own expectations.   

Disruptive Ink can be added to any piece of POS quickly and cost effectively. It is a completely unique ink whose special effects could only otherwise be created in an expensive and slow process, using specialist holographic and reflective materials. It is often used selectively and applied to small areas of a display with great effect, adding impact whilst maintaining a brand’s identity.

Tesco’s Finest range is one of Europe’s largest selling brands, representing high-quality products, but was struggling to create a point of difference in an over saturated, seasonal environment over Christmas. Daniel Pattison, Group Sales Director at Augustus Martin, suggests that disruptive techniques are very attractive to retailers and marketers who want to encourage thrifty customers to part with their cash.

For Tesco’s disruptive POS, we used a black base, synonymous with quality in the food retail environment combining it with a ‘twinkling’ glaze, which shone in the glare of the store’s lights, attracting the attention of many shoppers.

Disruptive Ink is a superb way of grabbing a shopper’s attention and holding it long enough for them to engage with the offer and leading them to make a purchase, thus increasing your overall sales.

Inks from Augustus Martin on Vimeo.

Augustus Martin recommends Disruptive Ink as a simple and effective way to create POS that stands out.

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