Design agency twenty:22 has designed three inspiration boards focusing on Spring and Summer.

Spring/Summer Collection 

Traditionally, Christmas is the ‘show stopper’ of the year within POS. Stores compete to produce the most imaginative windows and instore décor that best replicate the seasonal theme and ideals. But the rest of the year isn’t as seasonally focused.

Spring Bank_Holiday

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The aim of this store campaign is to produce a theme that epitomizes Spring and Summer. This is achieved by using green as the primary colour of all store visuals. Other elements of the campaign are white to suggest quality and also to emphasize the focus colour of the campaign. 

Spring Collection_Window_1


The visuals of the campaign are based around British outdoor activities such as going on picnics, to the beach and going on walks. The visual elements will be a mix of 2 and 3D to add depth to the window display and also a distinct layered effect.

Spring Collection_Visual_1


To go along with the theme, 2D Cardboard cutouts of mannequins would be used to either support or replace the current mannequins in the store. 


Spring Collection_Visual_2

 The campaign would launch on the Spring Bank holiday to make the start of the season.


Mr Stax

MrStax is a high end fast food restaurant brand. The concept makes the common fast food shop trendier and more inviting for customers who are demanding higher standards with their food. This brand can compete in the current highly competitive fast food market. 






The identity of MrStax is directed to a happy, funny and natural approach. Using bright colours, recycled craft materials and groovy retro design elements.




04MrStax is standing out with a healthier approach than most fast food. Less grease vs more spices and specialises on large variations of dipping sauces. 







The Mr Stax logo is present across multiple product lines and even delivery vans, sending branded messaging whislt operating a takeaway service for delivery customers. 








Champions League 2015


Branded POS Campaign for the Champions League final 2015 in Berlin. Eye catching 2 colour minimalistic and stylised look


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Champions League_1


In-store ball game display with floor graphic. Engaging branded promotion causing interaction and disruption with football fans and shoppers alike.   


Champions League_2


Poster campaign to create awareness of the event at key public transport routes



Champions League_3



In-store modular product display for a key football player to launch his new footwear around the exposure gained by the Champions League Final game. 


Champions League_4

London bus with an eye catching branded display promoting the date and location of the biggest League game in Europe


Champions League_5