The recent outdoor banner campaign was for the promotion of the new BMW X6.

These banners were made out of perforated PVC banner material. We opted to use perforated banner material for these banners since the format is quite large and could catch the wind if it were a dense surface. The special thing about these banners is the finishing, since they were created to fit a special frame made specifically for these banners.

On the top, the banner is finished with a PVC keder of 10mm diameter, which slides into a metal profile. On the bottom the banner has a sleeve with approx. 10 to 15 holes in it, a metal bar slides through the sleeve and is attached to the frame, through holes with elastic and hooks.

Retail Communicators covered the installation of these banners and the disposal of the old ones. The amount of dealerships provided with banners varied from campaign to campaign depending which dealerships participate in the promotion.

The indoor banners are 246cm x 180cm and made out of a stretchable textile material, finished with a Velcro strip on the top and bottom. These images are always scenery in front of the new car being promoted.

BMW Retail_Communicators

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