We take our commitment to the environment and the wider community seriously and we are
ISO 14001: 2015 and FSC® certified (FSC-C006 899). By committing to environmental practices in-house we are able to extend our best practice mind-set to our clients. Rather than listing our accreditations we offer genuine solutions to reduce your environmental impact. 

Where possible we offer environmentally friendly materials and processes, We have a variety of substrates that are environmentally friendly including Hang-Rite, Hang-Lite and Eco-Lite. These have been created in-house and are exclusive to Augustus Martin. These products enable our clients to adopt an environmentally sound hanging board system with 100% recycled material that is also completely recyclable after use.including a large range of recycled and recyclable substrates and our standard Screen and Litho inks are either water or soya-based.

Our policy and best practice also extends to our deliveries. Where possible we ensure that transport runs are condensed on our trucks, ensuring that your product is delivered on time, at the right location and with a low carbon footprint as possible. We also look to reduce transport costs by making our substrates easy to transport; many of our products are able to be rolled into tubes or easily packed together.

And we don't just deliver environmentally sound solution to our clients. Through strict practice at all our sites we ensure we're doing everything we can to reduce our environmental footprint. We employ an environmental team who evaluate our materials and utilise half an acre of space on our site for recycling reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill to 0%, reusing and recycling wherever possible.

We believe that by exhibiting a recycling mind-set from procurement through production to final disposal we can reduce our environmental impact and that of our clients.