A collection of style boards and inspiration for the up and coming seasons.


Valentine's Day 


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A time for red roses, chocolate and love. The release of the film Fifty Shades of Grey was timed with the romantic day. These Inspiration boards bring together an overall look and feel of everything Valentines.  


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Infusing all the considered elements from the inspiration board, this is the look and feel we saw for this event. One element was a lingerie collection cleverly named six shades of red, offering customers a chance to win a premiere screening for two. The design incorporates the six shades of red colourways and provocative imagery. 


vday-banner finalised layout

Examples of how to market the collection and offer, reaching out to websites and social media with flashing web banners and direct to App Facebook ads.    


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The six shades of red promotional campaign continued in-store with the creation of theatrical POS elements. The feature in-store was eye catching with standees appearing as though the models are popping out of the frame. The campaign included floor stickers, hanging banners and posters which could all be implemented to create the desired effect, making the store a destination.   


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Till points included retail magazines featuring the ads, strut cards and the Fifty Shades book act as an expansion of creating anticipation for the film release as well as the in-store offer.  


Pancake Day

The modern interpretation of Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day as it is now known has for many, moved away from the more traditional religious calendar event that is Shrove Tuesday. 


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Pancakes are commonly considered a sweet treat, this campaign is meant to challenge the traditional pancake topping and make people consider the limitations of what can go on a pancake. 

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Pancake inspiration_boards_3_Page_3a  

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The campaign includes POS, banners and posters that direct people to inventive ingredient choices as well as a range of recipe cards that support the sweet or savoury idea.


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A demo stand in-store allows people to try different ingredients they wouldn't usually consider as well as participating in the campaign battle pole. The dual coloured nature of the campaign brings association with either sweet or savoury that is drawn from existing colour codes linked to pancake day promotional material. 


Chinese New Year

A new Chinese branded beer with a distinctive flavour centred around Chinese new year. The distinct branding delivers bold imagery for this new craft beer. This striking imagery is continued on pump handles and outside sales locations. 

 Chinese New_Year


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