Augustus Martin have been manufacturing POS for retailers and brands for almost 51 years with production facilities in London, Manchester and Brussels. We are a global leader in POS for retail marketing and support our clients across Europe. Our knowledge, expertise and passion lie in communicating with shoppers. 

We are the primary supplier of POS to over 28,000 retail outlets in the UK, assisting the largest global retailers and brands. We live and breathe retail POS every day, providing our clients with products and services that reduce costs, maximise efficiency and improve sales:

  • Speed to market that’s unbeatable; using the most advanced production techniques.
  • Reliable and robust POS manufacturing with the capacity to produce your POS immediately.
  • Speed to Market that’s unbeatable; using the most modern systems, litho, screen and digital printing equipment available.
  • First class quality and innovation, with over 200 quality and innovation awards for retail POS.
  • Innovation in-store that establishes you at the top of the market with your customers.
  • Localised marketing on a national scale; focusing products, price points and promotions on each store’s shoppers.
  • Impactful POS that ‘disrupts’ the retail environment and really grabs the shopper.
  • Passion and experience from a motivated and well trained team who expect to deliver an award winning service.
  • Using environmentally sound materials and processes that are guaranteed to improve your environmental foot print.

We offer a market leading service that allows our clients to change the way they communicate with their shoppers; improving the speed and relevance of every communication. We are constantly innovating, and look at in-store marketing holistically to optimise costs throughout the life cycle of POS. 

We hope you find our services interesting and feel the culture of innovation that persists throughout our business and management team, we do however come with a health warning: ‘we will challenge everything’, to ensure that your POS activity is cutting edge, superb value and best in class.


Email our sales team now- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call on 0207 537 4200

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